MAG-8000 Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Model Generations

MAG-8000 Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Model Generations

Posted by Gerd F. Bauer II on Nov 16th 2020

In this article we will provide the model changes of the MAG-8000 sharpener from its first production run in 1999 to the current model. This will be helpful to identify your MAG-8000 to determine what parts diagram to check so that you can find the correct parts. This guide is just for a parts reference, it is not an exact production history.

Generation 1 and 2 (Production time frame 1999 to 2007)

Both gen1 gen 2 have the side lexan guards are full size 8000-17 and 8000-22. The adjustment is mounted on top of the unit with two eyelet bearings 8000-19 and a left and right-handed threaded rod 8000-12. Generation 1 used a 1/2 horsepower motor (painted silver) from LEESON ELECTRIC, the on/off switch was a white rocker switch located on top of the unit near the handle. Generation 2 used a 1 horsepower LEESON ELECTRIC motor (painted navy blue) the on/off switch is located on the motor. 2007 models and onward have BALDOR motors (painted black). The carry handle on these units are metal and welded to the body. The image below is a MAG-8000 gen2.

Generation 3 (Production time frame 03/2007 to 08/2010)

The adjustment mechanism was the primary change for gen3. The crank is mounted square to the yellow body with a thrust bearing against the yellow body. The adjustment threaded rod 8000-49 runs vertically inside the MAG-8000 the motion is controlled by a 8000-47 cam follower and 8000-46 adjustment block.  

Generation 4 (Production time frame 08/2010 to 04/2011)

The safety guards were updated to have a split design of steel and lexan.  The lexan guards 8000-57 and 8000-55 are bolted to the grit guard and the lexan guard has tabs that interlock into the fixed steel guards 8000-54 and 8000-56.  There are two plastic knobs that you remove which then allows the grit guard and the lexan sides to all be removed as one assembly for fast access to change grinding wheels.

Generation 5 (Production time frame 04/2011 to 09/2012)

The grit guard 8000-74 was redesigned it became wider and the dust collector port comes out at an angle rather than being a right angle made up of two tubes. The clear lexan guards 8000-67 and 8000-68 and have changed in shape to accommodate the new shape of the grit guard. So gen5 lexan guards different than gen6, but the steel guards are the same. There is now only one plastic knob and the grit guard has a slot so the grit guard can slide away without removing the plastic knob.

Generation 6 (Production time frame 09/2012 to Present)

The new worktable system is now made up of of inserts that fit into our new vice block.  This greatly improves the ease of use and change between the table inserts.  The new system allows you to dial-in angles from 25 to 45 degrees in 5 degree increments.

These improvements of course all build upon the last, so for example the gen6 has the guards of gen5. This guide of the previous generations of the MAG-8000 is here to help you find the correct parts for your MAG-8000. We do make a few update kits to update previous generations to current improvements.  The 8000-81-KIT is the update to get the gen6 worktable system, so any previous MAG-8000 can have the gen6 worktables. The 8000-66-KIT is the update kit to change gen1-3 guard system to gen4.  See all retro-fit update kits here. If you have any questions please call or email us and we can help you find the parts you need.