International Distributors

If you are outside North America please review the list below for authorized international dealers of Magna-Matic products. If a location listed below is not closer to you - it is also possible to purchase direct from Magna-Matic at this website, we will ship internationally.

Marson Equipment - 780-489-3356 -
Oak Creek Golf & Turf Inc -
Dennis Brown - 888-773-7335
Interior Turf Equipment - 800-994-9990 -

Ratioparts GmbH (Germany) -
MOTOR SNELCO BV (Netherlands) -
Atterton & Ellis Ltd (United Kingdom) - 01440-70231201440-702312 (phone) [Atterton & Ellis only carriers our balancers]
Profigrass s.r.o. (Czech Republic) -
Hautala Service Oy (Finland)

New Zealand
Stevens Products Ltd. - Tim Johnston - 64-9275-0443 -