Magna-Matic Product Repair Service

Magna-Matic Factory Service

You can use this widget to input text into the page. All Magna-Matic products are able to be rebuilt / refurbished. If you have a specific question or would like a general cost estimation for a Magna-Matic product repair service, please call us at 800-328-1110. If you would like an exact quote that outlines the costs associated with a Magna-Matic product repair service, you’ll have to ship the product to our factory first.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fill out the Magna-Matic Product Repair Form when you send a product back to us and include it in the box.

Magna-Matic Corporation
W4599 County Road IW
Waldo WI  53093  USA

800-328-1110 (toll free USA & Canada)
920-564-2366 (phone)
920-564-2368 (fax)

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be directly purchased from Magna-Matic at this site. If you need help repairing a product call and we are happy to help. All of our instruction manuals and parts diagrams are available for download. You can search by part number or visit this link to see all replacement parts.

Important Note about Balancer Repair

MAG-1000 Balancers models manufactured from 1958 to the 1970's are not repairable IF the ceramic (notched looking) magnet is cracked or missing. If you have a very early balancer that has a broken magnet we cannot repair these units. If you have questions specifically about your balancer just give us a call or email us a picture of the balancer.

Motor Service Centers

If you encounter a problem with your BALDOR, LEESON, or US MOTORS on a Magna-Matic product and it is out of the warranty period you may contact us directly 800-328-1110 or bring the product into an authorized motor tech center for motor testing/repair. Magna-Matic exclusively uses industrial frame electric motors - these motors are able to be rebuilt by authorized tech centers. You can send motors back into Magna-Matic for repair, but if you would like to have it repaired locally you can visit a local motor tech center.


US Motors Instructions / Troubleshooting Guide