Factory Service

You can use this widget to input text into the page. All Magna-Matic products are able to be rebuilt / refurbished. If you have a specific question or would like general cost estimation please call us at 800-328-1110. If you would like an exact quote of what repairs will be the product must be shipped back to the factory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fill out the Product Repair Form when you send a product back to us and include it in the box.

Magna-Matic Corporation
W4599 County Road IW
Waldo WI  53093  USA

800-328-1110 (toll free USA & Canada)
920-564-2366 (phone)
920-564-2368 (fax)

Replacement Parts can be directly purchased from Magna-Matic at this site. 
If you need help repairing a product call and we are happy to help.

Important Note about Balancer Repair
MAG-1000 Balancers models manufactured from 1958 to the 1970's are not repairable IF the ceramic (notched looking) magnet is cracked or missing. If you have a very early balancer that has a broken magnet we cannot repair these units, a new balancer would need to be purchased.  If you have questions about your specifically about your balancer just give us a call or email us a picture of the balancer.

Motor Service Centers
If you encounter a problem with your BALDOR, LEESON, or US MOTORS on a Magna-Matic product and it is out of the warranty period you may contact us directly 8000-328-1110 or bring the product into an authorized motor tech center for motor testing/repair. Magna-Matic exclusively uses industrial frame electric motors - these motors are able to be rebuilt by authorized tech centers.  

You can send motors back into Magna-Matic for repair, but if you would like to have it repaired locally you can visit a local motor tech center.