Quick-Change Grit Guard UPDATE for MAG-8000

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New for August 2010 the MAG-8000 entered generation 4. This new MAG-8000 has the clear lexan safety guards attached to the grit guard for faster grinding wheel changing. The steel guards on [gen4] are the interlocking support for the clear lexan guards. Another addition is the active-guard which is the yellow steel spring-loaded guard that rides over the motor.

Gen3 and earlier MAG-8000 required the operator to remove 6 small screws to remove the main clear lexan guard to access the grinding wheel. To improve productivity for Gen4 we designed a quick-change system so that the grinding wheel can be changed easily. With this update the clear lexan guards are attached to the black grit guard. The operator removes the knobs, and pulls the grit guard away with the clear lexan guards allowing full access to the wheel. The steel guards are fixed in place and do not move.

This kit includes the following:

  • Two steel guards (pulley and motor-side)
  • Two lexan guards (pulley and motor-side)
  • Two plastic knobs with 7/16-20 studs
  • New safety and logo decals included
  • All hardware include

CLICK HERE to view the installation instructions

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