MAG-12008 Blemished Unit

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2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic


2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic


Cosmetically imperfect, fully functional, full warranty - sold at a discount.

MAG-12008Lawn Mower Blade cleaner, demo unit/scratch & dent model. These units are fully factory inspected refurbished units and/or units with cosmetic imperfections and cannot be sold as NEW. These units are a great way to save money on a fully functional unit.


Please note: availability is VERY limited on these units, check back periodically, also sign up for our newsletter to be notified when one is available.
The MAG-12008 is the result of over 10 years of testing and development, and the evolution of the original MAG-12000 lawn mower blade cleaner. Magna-Matic is the first company to design and develop a machine for the fast and productive cleaning of lawn mower blades.
NEW FOR 2013 - 2 Year Brush Warranty. That's correct we warrant consumable brushes for two years, we know our design is the most resilient and high-quality. Purchase the MAG-12008 with confidence that you won't have to worry about anything for two years.
ABILITY: The MAG-12008 is able to clean a lawn mower blade of up to 30 inches long and 3.75 inches wide in 60 seconds. The dual counter-acting brushes remove rust and debris from the top and bottom of the blade at the same time. Any lawn mower blade type mulching or conventional can used in the MAG-12008.
DESIGNED TO PERFORM: The dual-counter-acting brush design provides the fast and aggressive cleaning action.
SAFETY: The MAG-12008 is designed to comply with the ANSI B165.1-2005 industrial safety standards for power driven brushing tools. The design of the MAG-12008 prevents the brushes from pulling or pushing the blades from the operator. There is also an internal guarding that prevents the brushes from kicking the blade at the operator. The enclosure provides a contained machine that has a vacuum hook-up to keep your environment clean. The MAG-12008 can be used with a shop-vac or air cleaner.
QUALITY: The MAG-12008 is a heavy piece of industrial equipment, it weighs 125 lbs for its compact size. It like Magna-Matic sharpeners does not require bolting to a work bench to be used. The MAG-12008 is heavy and balanced so that you can simply place it on a work bench and use it. Magna-Matic only uses industrial frame motors, the MAG-12008 uses a 1.5 HP motor to drive its 8" brushes.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - The MAG-12008 ships from the factory wired for 110v 60hz