9000-63 Blade Transport Box (500-PAK)

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SKU:9000-63 (500-PAK) ,Weight:


9000-63 (500-PAK)
168.00 LBS


9000-63 Blade Transport Box (50-PAK.) Boxes are designed to hold 3 lawn mower blades. This provides you and your customers a safe way to move and store sharp lawn mower blades.

Boxes to store and transport lawn mower blades to prevent injury from sharp blades. The blade transport box is ideal for servicing dealers who want to make a more professional impression on their customers by handing them a quality sharpened blade in value-added packaging, which will also encourage the customer to return their blades in the same box. The Magna-Matic Blade Transport Box has clear identification that a quality service job has been done, and has area to list the customer's name and service providers name.


Interior Box Dimensions: 26.5" long x 3.75" wide x 1.875" high

Exterior Box Dimensions: 27.25" long x 4.875" wide x 2.125" high

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