MAG-9000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Model Generations

MAG-9000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Model Generations

Posted by Gerd F. Bauer II on Jan 7th 2021

In this article we will provide model changes of the MAG-9000 sharpener from its first production run in 1989 to the current model. This will be helpful to identify your MAG-9000 determine what parts diagram to check so that you can find the correct parts. This guide is just for a parts reference, it is not an exact production history. You will also find some overlap in some of the generations.

The MAG-9000 ended its production in January of 2023, the new model to replace it is the MAG-8100.

Thank you to all of our customers for 34 years of production, rest-assured Magna-Matic will continue to support replacement parts for the MAG-9000 indefinitely.  See MAG-9000 parts here

Generation 1 (Production time frame 1989-1991)

The first generation of the MAG-9000 had a full tube frame and was painted orange, the adjustment was controlled by a four point plastic knob and the threaded rod was 1/4" diameter.  The 9000-67 update kit to update old MAG-9000 adjustment can be found here, all generations of the MAG-9000 can be updated to this adjustment. We no longer sell the old smaller adjustment components, the update kit is the only replacement choice. The MAG-9000 used a LEESON motor with 1/2 horsepower. When the MAG-9000 was sold with a grit guard with a vacuum connection it was called a MAG-9001. The carry handle is a bolt on plastic handle.

Generation 2 (Production time frame 1992-1995)

  • The MAG-9000 is now powder coated red
  • Body is made from two "U" frames welded together
  • Grit guards are powder coated black
  • Switch plate changes from lock out style to just name plate
  • 1993 the rear motor screen was added to enclose the MAG-9000.
  • 1994 the carry handle is now steel and welded directly to the top of the MAG-9000.

Generation 3 (Production time frame 1995-1998)

  • In 1995 the notch in the lower right-hand corner was cut out to grind chainsaw bars square.
  • The 9000-22 worktable became wider to support the chainsaw bar during squaring. This is the same size the worktables are today.

Generation 4 (Production time frame 1999-2004)

There are some gen4 units that will have vacuum grit guards, please note there is some overlap with the generations.

  • Frame is now bolted rather than welded
  • Adjustment rod goes from 5/16" to 3/8" diameter 9000-16
  • The adjustment knob is changed to a crank handle for faster adjustment
  • The nylon adjustment nut is enlarged 9000-18
  • If you need to replace the whole adjustment assembly use this kit 9000-68-KIT

Generation 5 (Production time frame 2004-2007)

There is some overlap in generations you will find some MAG-9000 with the welded handle and rocker switch but with the vacuum grit guard.

  • Vacuum port becomes standard on the grit guard 9000-50
  • On/Off switch goes back to a metal toggle switch with lock-out plate
  • Thrust bearings added to the adjustment 9000-37
  • The carry handle is a bolt on plastic handle 9000-58
  • Large white logo decal used
  • Up to 2007 all MAG-9000's have a LEESON 1/2 HP motor
  • 2005 the 9000-53 arbor wrench became standard

Generation 6 (Production time frame 2007-2019)

Motor change information - please note that the current motor we offer as replacement will fit in all generations of the MAG-9000.

  • 2007 the motor became a BALDOR 3/4 HP motor with a 35 uF capacitor
  • From 6/4/2013 to 3/7/2014 the motor was a LEESON 3/4 hp with a 30 uF capacitor
  • From 3/8/2013 to 6/25/19 the motor was a BALDOR 3/4 HP with a 35 uF capacitor
  • From 6/25/19 to current the motor is a LEESON 1/2 HP with a 30 uF capacitor

Generation 7 (Production time frame 2010 to Jan 2023)

The MAG-9000 ended its production in January of 2023, the new model to replace it is the MAG-8100.

  • 2010 the grit guard is enlarged to have better spark containment 9000-50 this current version of the grit guard will fit on all previous MAG-9000 generations.
  • While motor types changed over this time frame, the exterior of the MAG-9000 looks like the unit below.