Lawn Mower Blade Service Flow Chart

Lawn Mower Blade Service Flow Chart

Posted by Gerd F. Bauer on Jan 13th 2016

Use this simple flow chart to ensure you cover all the necessary steps when servicing your rotary lawn mower blades.

1. Pre-Clean Inspection

Inspect the blade to see if there is enough material to re-sharpen the blade and check if there are any noticeable fractures in the blade. Use your MAG-1000 Blade Balancer to also check if the blade is straight (if the two tips are tracking in the same plane).  If a blade is bent or fractured discard it.

2. Cleaning the Blade

Clean the blade by removing all the caked on grass, so it is possible to see if there were any fractures hidden from view. The blade should be cleaned to achieve an accurate balance indication.

3. Post-Clean Inspection

Now that the blade is clean do one last quick visual inspection for fractures. Discard the blade if there are fractures.

4. Sharpen

Sharpen the lawn mower blade ensure you grind at a consistent 30 degree angle, and make sure to grind the tips so that they are again pointed.

5. Balance

Check the balance with a MAG-1000 Blade Balancer and make any corrections by grinding the interior portion of the cutting edge making sure you stay away from the tips of the blade.

6. Package

Package the blade or set of blades in a safe manner to ensure your customer will not injure themselves.

The above work order for servicing a lawn mower blade is the most efficient and safe manner to do the job. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here at Magna-Matic