System 10 - Professional DELUXE Workstation - 8200W Series

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2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic.


2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic.


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Professional workstation for rotary lawn mower blade balancing and sharpening correctly.

System Workstations are discounted 5% off regular prices, systems are the best value for multiple pieces of equipment.

System includes:

  • MAG-1000 Blade Balancer
  • MAG-8200M Blade Sharpener (1 HP) (1" & 1/2" wheels, modular worktable system)
  • 8200-305 Water-Cooling Option - tank with stand shelf to hold tank, coolant, refractometer, filter sock. (everything needed is included)
  • MAG-10400 Service Center Stand

The MAG-8200 Water-Cooled Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener uses a 1" wide grinding wheel to sharpen conventional mower blades and a 1/2" wide grinding wheel to sharpen curved edge mulching blades.  The "M" stands for MODULAR WORKTABLE - this insert table system can swap "blade rest" worktables from a flat one for conventional blades or a curved style for mulching blades. You get all the benefits of the MAG-8200M sharpener with the addition of the water-cooling kit.

Why water-cooling? Abrasive cutting creates tremendous amounts of heat.  Heat is the limiting factor to abrasive metal cutting.  By water-cooling abrasive cutting the mower blade does not risk being burnt (this damages the hardness of the blade), the abrasive grinding wheel will last longer because heat is not breaking it down.  Water-cooling eliminates all the dust because the coolant washes it down into the coolant filter sock inside the tank.

The MAG-8200 it is designed to sharpen lawn mower blades at a consistent 30 degree angle. Unlike other sharpeners you can easily maintain that 30/40/45 degree cutting edge angles without any complicated adjustment or time consuming tools.  The single crank stays where you adjust it and you simply lower the wheel until it almost touches the worktable - and that will cut a 30 degree angle.  No other sharpener can promise that.  Our incredibly rigid design gives you a smooth solid grinding experience that makes sharpening mower blades comfortable and easy.  All 8100 and 8200 series sharpeners use the same angle adjustment and bearing block system that we call the "heart" of the machine, all of these highly accurate machined parts provide this tremendous rigidity.

The MODULAR WORKTABLE can be set to 30 degrees, 35 degrees, 40 degrees, or 45 degrees to give you the freedom to change cutting edge angles based on what kind of mowing conditions you may have.  ONLY MAGNA-MATIC offers such a comprehensive system, we have thought ahead with this insert system so that in the future if there are blades with other unique shapes we can design another insert which will keep your new MAG-8200M "future-proof" and upgrade-able. There is no limit to the cutting edge length you can sharpen and right or left-handed blades have full access.

SAFETY CONSIDERATION: The enclosed nature of our sharpeners keeps sparks in control you won't have an uncontrolled stream of sparks. All Magna-Matic sharpeners have complete a enclosure for the abrasive, all sparks are directed into a large grit guard so sparks are controlled, additionally we offer dust collectors for a clean shop. All Magna-Matic sharpeners grind up the cutting edge for safety so the mower blade is always pushed away rather than sucked into the machine.


MAG-8200 GENERAL PLATFORM FEATURES: We've been developing the 8200 platform for the last 2 years to make a sharpener can grow with your company. For example you could buy the base MAG-8200, and later buy the MODULAR WORKTABLE update kit and gain the ability to sharpen curved mulching blades.  Or perhaps you'd like a speed upgrade - you could later get the belt grinder kit.  Or you could get the water-cooled kit and have that feature later.  The MAG-8200 will feature the ability to easily change motors for power upgrades later too.